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About Herbert Eustace

Mary Baker Eddy says in "Miscellaneous Writings" (page 308):  "Whoever looks to me personally for his health or holiness, mistakes. He that by reason of human love or hatred or any other cause clings to my material personality, greatly errs, stops his own progress and loses the path to health, happiness, and heaven.  The Scriptures and Christian Science reveal “the way,” and personal revelators will take their proper place in history, but will not be deified."

Mrs. Eddy also says:  "Personal Contagion:  Declaring the truth regarding an individual or leader, rendering praise to whom praise is due, is not a symptom of this contagious malady."  (Miscellany, page 116). 

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“Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures”
is the Christian Science textbook revealing pure, divine metaphysics.  

Christian Science: Its 'Clear Correct Teaching' and Complete Writings
is the book that meets every one of Mrs. Eddy's prophesies about Successor.
the CCT "reminds each reader what he already knows" of Christian Science
and explains the negative statement of Christian Science, thereby revealing
God as All-in-all.

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Metaphysics is never a person.
We cannot help but love God's messenger to humanity.

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About Herbert W. Eustace


The best place to read about Herbert Eustace would be in the “Forward” of his book

“Christian Science ‘Its Clear Correct Teaching’


Herbert W. Eustace came from England and traveled to the “Far West” United States (California).  His family line was of the Anglican Church, the Church of England, where many of his descendents were priests and hierarchies of that church.  His Grandfather was the Archbishop of Canterbury. 


Mr. Eustace had a horse that was near death one night.  The horse was given a Christian Science “treatment” and lo and behold, the horse was up and about the next morning.  This brought Mr. Eustace face to face with Christian Science.


In Mr. Eustace’s words:



      “..when a friend asked me to read Science and Health I discovered that one does not always know what is taking place in thought and that what I had accepted as satisfaction was really complacency rather than true satisfaction.

     At that time, 1893, I was living on my ranch in California and had the long evenings for reading and studying.  These I spent with Science and Health.  During the day, while at work, I continually pondered the wonders and profound import of this new view of life, and, by the time I had finished reading the book, its teachings had become my own deep conviction.

     From that time Christian Science has filled my life with a greater and more eventful happiness than I could have deemed possible.  It has truly proved to be the ‘one pearl of great price’, which, when the seeker had found, he ‘went and sold all that he had, and bought it.’ (CCT, p. xvii)


Mr. Eustace became a member in the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts in 1894 and for 15 years served in the branch church in San Jose, California, filling every office in that church.  In 1902, Mr. Eustace attended the Normal class in Christian Science conducted by Edward A. Kimball, earning the degree of CSB (Bachelor of Christian Science) and becoming a teacher in Christian Science. 


Herbert Eustace became a Trustee of the Christian Science Publishing Society in 1912 and was a Trustee throughout the Litigation Years (1918 – January, 1922). In 1922, Mr. Eustace was excommunicated from the Christian Science material organization.


From there, Mr. Eustace taught and lectured without limits.  His first book entitled “The Line of Light” was published in 1929.  Then he wrote “Your Power and Dominion”, with “The Clear Correct Teaching” (CCT) following.  In 1953, Mr. Eustace published the One Volume of all his writings entitled “Christian Science ‘Its Clear Correct Teaching’ and Complete Writings”.  “Chronological Data” (p. 997 of the One Volume of the CCT) shows a time-line of every book Mr. Eustace wrote, showing how the One Volume of the CCT completed Mrs. Eddy’s prophecies.


Herbert Eustace lectured around the world, his last tour at the age of 90 when he went to Australia.  Just prior to this tour, he lectured in New York, which had a large gathering of Scientists.  “His form was erect and commanding.”


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The "W" in Herbert W. Eustace stands for Willoughby.

Mr. Eustace met his wife, his “beloved Bess”, at a Christian Science meeting.


When Mrs. Eddy sent Edward Kimball to teach Christian Science classes, she would ask Mr. Kimball “Who understands this?”  Many times, the answer was in the negative.  Finally in a later class, Mr. Kimball responded “Herbert Eustace.” Mrs. Eddy was thrilled with the answer and was also thrilled when she heard that Herbert Eustace’s lineage was of the Anglican Church and that Herbert Eustace’s grandfather was the Archbishop of Canterbury.


He became “the heavy hitter” of the Great Litigation.


During the Litigation, there were heads bobbing up and down of all the Christian Scientists who were trying to malpractice.  Joseph Johnston said:  “Mr. Eustace, don’t you see those heads bobbing up and down?”  Mr. Eustace answered “Their thinking does not get beyond their teeth.”


When the Litigation was over and hearing the verdict, Mr. Eustace was in a room with several other men.  The other men “appeared” to be distressed while Mr. Eustace had great poise and serenity.  He said simply “It is God’s will.” 


A famous line during the Great Litigation:  When the directors, lawyers were pressuring Mr. Eustace to acknowledge the Directors as the head of the church, the question was asked  “Who is the head of the Christian Science movement?”  Herbert Eustace answered simply, “God.”


He loved to dance and was a square dancer.


When solving a problem, he would pace around his dining room table.  Evidently, you could see a path going in a circle around this table where the carpeting was worn from use.  He would frequently get up in the wee early hours of the morning to work when the senses were quiet enabling him to see more clearly.


Mr. Eustace loved this story and mailed it to many of his friends.  He considered Mrs. Lulu Knight a friend throughout his life.

[HISTORY of the following “A LITTLE STORY I LOVE”:  “Dr. Merriman was the first of the organized teachers to embrace the One Volume Clear Correct Teaching after having met Herbert W. Eustace.  He said he had never met a man with a more spiritual presence than HWE.  The second of the organized teachers to embrace the C.C.T. was Lulu Knight of Chicago, the first woman, and a black.  I never met her but Dr. Merriman said she spoke the simplest of truths with such conviction that she became an outstanding metaphysician.  After moving from NYC to Chicago, after giving up his medical practice in N.Y.C. sometime during the 1920’s he and his wife became acquainted with her.  Lulu Knight is the woman Kimmis Hendrick, a C.S.M. correspondent, wrote about after being healed by her.  Kimmis wrote a one or two pager titled “This Little Story I Love” and signed his name to it.  Lulu Knight is the woman who kept saying “Taint so; taint so,” to every negative presented to her, and according to Kimmis H, “Taint so” carried the day.  He was healed when he left her office.  Kimmis was a top journalist for the Monitor for many years and a friend of Dr. M.  When he knocked on her door in Chicago he thought it was a maid or secretary who greeted him; but it was Mrs. Knight.  He wrote the story and he, Dr. M. and HWE circulated it among friends.  However, when she read the account, she got upset because she felt that by declaring “Taint so!” to the error, it made it appear as if she were an uneducated woman.  Of course, she wasn’t.” (quote Paul W. Ambuul)

Herbert W. Eustace freely circulated the following story throughout his life.  In his last year of life, there is a note where he stated he wanted to contact Mrs. Knight, so Mr. Eustace obviously thought very highly of her.  Mrs. Knight came from the Black Chicago Christian Science church, the 8th Church of Christ, Scientist of Chicago, South Park.  “The 8th Church was jam packed in 1948.  Boy, did those people sing out!” (quote Paul W. Ambuul)  (]

“A Little Story I Love”

A poor suffering fellow, living in a large Eastern city, who had sought, like the Biblical character, who “had suffered many things of many physicians (this time many C.S. Practitioners), and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse, finally becoming wholly discouraged, one day met a friend, and said to him:  “Cannot you recommend some Christian Scientist to me, who can help me in some way to get out of this awful mess I am in?  I am nothing of a Scientist, although I have studied and worked hard myself, but apparently to little avail.”
     His friend said, “Yes, I think I can”, and took his card out of his pocket and wrote the name and address of a lady and gave it to him.
     As a last desperate hope he took himself to the address given, rang the bell, and a colored maid came to the door.
     He went inside and immediately said, “I am looking for a lady by the name of so and so.”
     The one he was speaking to quietly said, “That is my name.” He was taken aback that his friend had not mentioned to whom he was recommending him.  He took the chair offered him and sat down.  Then he began his tale of woe, and it was a long one.
     When he made his first pause, his listener quietly said, “T’aint so, T’aint so”, and on he went and each time he paused she would again softly say, “T’aint so, T’aint so”, but on he would go.
      Of course, when he finished his recital, “T’aint so”, had won the day, and the man was entirely healed.  Now what had this dear woman done?  Like Mrs. Eddy, when looking into the face of a storm beheld the face of God there and the storm cloud vanished.  So this dear woman looking into the face of Divine Love, couldn’t find a single thing there of the sorry story being rehearsed to her, and so simply said, “T’aint so, T’aint so”, and what she said was so.
     Is not this just what Mrs. Eddy means when she says, “When thought is lost in the eminence of Mind the healing takes place”? in the “eminence of Mind” is there the slightest element of evil? Perfection is all that abides in the “eminence”, and this dear  woman proved it.
     Must we not, one and all, go and do likewise?  Are not you the living witness that there is no such thing as evil, in the slightest, anyway in all creation?  Have you not the assurance within yourself that you are, that, I consciously am?  Could you have this assurance of being if there were one iota of destructive element in Cause?  Of course you could not, for you would not be, for there could be no creation.  Then you are the living witness that perfection is and is All that is.
     Is it not on this one basis alone that all healing, meaning thereby, whereas I was sick and I am well, is accomplished, whether of so-called material medicine, or whatnot, as well as Christian Science?  If perfection were not the eternal fact, ever- present no healing of any kind could take place.  Remember this, as I know you ever do.  Be ready in season and out of season, with your “T’aint so”, to every form of evil.  No matter how slight the divergence from infinite good may seem to be.  “T’aint so”, and  it will bless you abundantly when your heart is full and you really mean it.


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Letters written by Herbert Eustace are on the website (page 2).  Different letters will be printed each month. 

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